Achievements can be unlocked by accomplishing a variety of in-game tasks. This page list the achievements and how to unlock them.

Easy achievements

Just getting startedScore 1 thousand on easy
On a rollScore 10 thousand on easy
Job well doneScore 100 thousand on easy
Wrong side of the bedScore -1 thousand on easy
Taking the path less traveledScore -10 thousand on easy
Down the rabbit holeScore -100 thousand on easy
Feeling toastyMake 25 moves in a easy game
Hot movesMake 50 moves in a easy game
On fireMake 100 moves in a easy game
Around the blockPlay 25 easy games
Across townPlay 50 easy games
Road tripPlay 100 easy games
Challenge acceptedAccept 25 easy challenges
Up to the challengeAccept 50 easy challenges
Risk takerAccept 100 easy challenges
Better luck next timeHave 25 unsolved easy challenges
Wait what happenedHave 50 unsolved easy challenges
Forgot to carry the oneHave 100 unsolved easy challenges
SolvedSolve 25 easy challenges
Piece of cakeSolve 50 easy challenges
Easy peasy lemon squeezySolve 100 easy challenges
Maybe another timeDecline 25 easy challenges
I'll passDecline 50 easy challenges
NopeDecline 100 easy challenges

Normal achievements

Turning it up a notchScore 1 million on normal
Serious contenderScore 10 million on normal
Destined for greatnessScore 100 million on normal
Uncharted territoryScore -1 million on normal
At the edge of the mapScore -10 million on normal
Exploring the unknownScore -10 million on normal
Clearing hurdlesMake 25 moves in a normal game
Raising barsMake 50 moves in a normal game
Leading the packMake 100 moves in a normal game
MotivatedPlay 25 normal games
DeterminedPlay 50 normal games
UnstoppablePlay 100 normal games
Game of chanceAccept 25 normal challenges
Taking the shotAccept 50 normal challenges
Opportunity awaitsAccept 100 normal challenges
So closeHave 25 unsolved normal challenges
Does not computeHave 50 unsolved normal challenges
Where is that calculatorHave 100 unsolved normal challenges
No sweatSolve 25 normal challenges
I've got thisSolve 50 normal challenges
Nothing to itSolve 100 normal challenges
No thank youDecline 25 normal challenges
UnsubscribeDecline 50 normal challenges
Stranger dangerDecline 100 normal challenges

Hard achievements

Back for moreScore 1 billion on hard
Crushing itScore 10 billion on hard
Just because I canScore 100 billion on hard
Good at being "bad"Score -1 billion on hard
A league of my ownScore -10 billion on hard
Dedicated to the dark sideScore -100 billion on hard
Warming upMake 25 moves in a hard game
Stride acquiredMake 50 moves in a hard game
Marathon modeMake 100 moves in a hard game
Cool and collectedPlay 25 hard games
Calm and calculatingPlay 50 hard games
Math masterPlay 100 hard games
I'm gameAccept 25 hard challenges
Ready for anotherAccept 50 hard challenges
High rollerAccept 100 hard challenges
Bested by algebraHave 25 unsolved hard challenges
Beaten by rootHave 50 unsolved hard challenges
Betrayed by 'X'Have 100 unsolved hard challenges
Algebra for the winSolve 25 hard challenges
It's elementarySolve 50 hard challenges
Take that 'X'Solve 100 hard challenges
Not interestedDecline 25 hard challenges
Not worth the riskDecline 50 hard challenges
Not falling for that againDecline 100 hard challenges
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